Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live green, save green!

       Make your own spray disinfectant.......

               Awhile back my family and I decided to try to lessen our environmental impact while living more frugally. We have started our own family garden, started cooking meals from scratch as much as possible, and have been making our own cleaning products.  Now, if you are anything like me, you are probably thinking to yourself, “I’ll spend the $2.75 and buy something that I’m sure works”. But, for just pennies, yes pennies, you can have a disinfectant spray cleaner that is not only green, but frugal as well.

                For this cleaner you will need:
·         2 tsp baking soda
·         2 tsp borax
·         4 Tbsp vinegar
·         4 c. hot water

Simply add the baking soda, borax, and vinegar in a spray bottle. You can either reuse an old spray bottle when through with it (making sure to clean thoroughly) or buy a cheap one at the dollar store for a buck. Slowly add 4 cups of hot water to dissolve all the ingredients. Put the spray nozzle on and shake to mix ingredients.
I have used this recipe in the bathroom, outdoors, on glass, and in the kitchen. Everywhere I would use our old spray cleaners, and have had fantastic results. I do not worry about spraying it near kids or pets, and I know that it is safe to use around food.
That’s it. A good tip to ensure that ANYONE can mix up a new batch when you are running low is to write the “recipe” on the bottle. I have done this on all of my bottles of cleaning solutions, and even our nine year old is able to replace an empty bottle.


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  2. I am doing this same thing right now! In fact, my current post is all about this. I am going back to the old fashioned products, just like you.

  3. Thank You for sharing that great (green) idea,..... But how do I get the OVEN!?!?(lol)

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    I to am big on using everyday items for cleaning. I use Vinegar for everything LOL!

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  7. That so smart to make your own. I've been using Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers products lately, but definitely cheaper to make your own.

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  11. I have been making my own now for too many years to count. I like to add some essential oils to my cleaner solution. Most of them have antibiotic properties. I like tea tree and lavender oils. Glad to see another mom on the Green Team

  12. I know I should do this but I really don't. I will however, buy natural handmade cleaners from other. Does that count?

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  13. I'm gonna give this a try! On top of everything else, it's nice to be able to mix up your own from products in the house rather than having to run out to the store. Found you through the Santa's Gift Shoppe Year link party.

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  16. I am printing this out to try! Thanks for sharing on NOBH! It looks great and easy!

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  18. We are in the same frugal boat. I don't buy anything processed because we are GFCFSF...and the cleaner thing has been a part of our routine as well since before my son was before in 2007.

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  20. I make my own laundry detergent and I love it, and now I have to try this out!