Thursday, May 5, 2011

Four Things....

I was "tagged" with these questions from Kortney from Kortney's Krazy Life. 

So here's what you do...just answer these questions and then tag someone else!! Simple and fun! Be sure to link back to the person that tagged you! Have fun!! 

Four Places I go:
  1. Kid's School
  2. Grocery Store
  3. Dollar Tree
  4. Thrift Stores
Four Smells that I Love:
  1. Lilac
  2. Vanilla
  3. Tide
  4. Babies
Four Favorite TV Shows:
  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  2. Arrested Development
  3. Glee
  4. Colbert Report
Four Favorite Movies:
  1. Stranger Than Fiction
  2. The Corpse Bride
  3. Moulin Rouge
  4. Chicago
Four Recommendations:
  1. Aldi the grocery store for meat
  2. vinegar as a laundry softener
  3. lingerie bag for all your delicates
  4. being silly

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