Monday, May 2, 2011

Got Books? Part II Book Wreath

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am sorry that I had to wait a few days to get this second part of this post up, but weekends are crazy here, as I am sure they are for most of you.

To recap, this wreath is made with the pages left from your hollow book in “Got Books? Part 1”. If you did not do the hollow book craft, don’t worry. You can make this wreath with any bits of paper you have lying around. Just make sure that they are large enough that when rolled, are a size that you are comfortable with for your finished product.

• wreath form (I love the green foam ones from Dollar Tree)
• hot glue gun
• glue stick
• pages you extracted from the hard back book (or other paper on hand)

To begin, practice rolling your pages from one end to another to make a sort of funnel looking page. Roll these first ones loosely as they are the outer row on your wreath. After you have the rolling down, grab your glue gun and glue down the seam and press firmly to set in place.

Turn your rolled page backwards and place some glue on the bottom. This is the point where you will glue the page to the wreath. The page end should end up at the back of the wreath. Continue placing rolled pages until entire first row is complete.

The next row will start in the middle of the wreath. Roll the pages again to make a funnel shape, but this time roll them tighter as to create a smaller funnel. Glue them to the wreath so as to make the ends curve towards the back. Continue until the entire center is as full as you would like. Your pages should be criss-crossing around the wreath, covering up as much of the form as possible.

Now you will want to fold some remaining pages into fourths or fifths to glue on the sides of the wreath where there are no pages.

This will ensure that your wreath looks fabulous at any angle.

Add a piece of wire of ribbon to the back and you have a one of a kind wreath perfect for hanging just about anywhere in your home.


  1. What a great idea!!

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  2. Love it! It would look great in an office or over a bookcase.

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