Friday, December 16, 2011

Pull Tab Surprise

I like to keep stuff. Lots of stuff. Bottles. Jars. Cottage Cheese containers. You get the idea.

I have convinced myself that I might need it some day, or that I could think of a way to upcycle it and enjoy a second time around. Usually that day never comes and the only thing that is accomplished is more space being filled up in my basement.

Until I saw this idea at a PTA meeting. It is so cute. It's a great green alternative to wrapping paper and boxes, and the best part is you get a smile EVERY time you give it to someone. Guaranteed.

All you need is:
  • Pull tab can (the kind that hold veggies/fruits)
  • Hot glue gun or clear caulk
Optional: ribbon, scrap paper, bow, gift tag

Step One:
Empty your can by opening from the BOTTOM with a can opener. Be sure to not go all the way around as this will make it easier to adhere back together later.
Step Two:
Empty contents and rinse can thoroughly with soap and water.
Step Three:
Dry can completely and place desired object(s) inside.

Step Four:
Hot glue or caulk the can closed. Caulk will need a few hours to dry, so keep that in mind if using.
Step Five:
Decorate if desired. Also is cute left plain, especially for a guy.

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