Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peep Headband

                Our of all the crafts I attempt my favorites are those that are used frequently. One of my craft obsessions is decorating headbands, lucky for me I have a daughter who loves to wear new headbands all the time :).

                With Easter coming up I wanted to make something cute. Something cute and recognizable as an universal Easter symbol. But what? A cross? Not sure about how I feel placing a cross on a headband..... An Easter egg? Closer, but I wanted something more.....unique.

                Enter peeps. Yep, I told myself, those cute little bundles of marshmallow sugary goodness would be the perfect icing on my headband cake.

               Making these cost me next to nothing as all of the materials I had on hand, or could be purchased from the dollar store. Yay for cheap crafts!!!

Supplies needed:

  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • felt
  • black fabric paint
  • glue/ spray adhesive
  • glitter
  • headband
  • scissors
  • spray acrylic 
  • peep shape 

             First off, decide on how big you want your peep to be. You can either free hand it, or find a peep shape online that you can print and trace. I found mine at on a glass fusing site using a Google search. I used the outline to draw the shape on a note card and then cut it out.

                              Next, fold your felt in half and lightly trace the peep shape on one side. If you are a perfectionist you can cut out one peep at a time instead of two, but I am impatient.  Carefully cut out your peep shape. You should now have two peeps.

                Next is where your glue gun comes in handy. Take one of the peeps and cover, I mean cover, that little guy in hot glue. Then affix the peep onto the lower portion of the headband. I aim for 1/4 of the way from one of the ends. Press the peep onto the headband so that the head band is running down the middle of the peep.
                                Now grab your second peep and carefully position it on top of the first peep. After you have pressed down to set the peeps together grab your adhesive spray. I tried using regular glue at first, but found this to be a much less messier option.

                              After coating the peep, sprinkle on the glitter of your choosing. I fond that the finer the better. But, be creative and have fun with this. I liked the way that the white looked somewhat like sugar though, so I stuck with that.

                                  After coating the peep in glitter let it sit a moment and admire its cuteness. Then, grab the black fabric paint. Make sure that you are doing this with a bottle that has a small opening, or a fine brush as the nose and eye dots should be quite small, as to resemble a real peep as much as possible. 

                             Carefully dot two eyes and a nose and again, sit back for a moment to enjoy. Then it is on to the sealer to protect your carefully placed glitter. This step is a new addition after my daughter came home looking like she was dipped in glitter after wearing a peep headband I had not sealed.  I believe that any kind of spray sealant would work, but I stuck with the crystal clear. The spray did dull the glitter a bit, but at least it stays on this way. :)

                                   Now you are done! I have made them in purple and yellow so far, and the last two days my daughter has worn them to school and received many compliments on them. 

I'd love to see what you come up with! 



  1. That is really cool! I loved making it and my daughter loved it!

  2. My imagination is running fast. Just think of the shapes you could use with the felt and glitter. What about hearts, stars, other animal shapes? You could also decorate with googly eyes, rhinestones, and other do-dads. Thanks for the inspiration. My granddaughter will be delighted!

    1. I am so glad that you like it and you are absolutely right! You are only limited by your imagination and supplies :). Hope you and your granddaughter have fun making these.