Friday, May 6, 2011

Early Mother's Day Surprise

I am a holiday lover. I love any excuse to celebrate, bake, and decorate. One of my guilty secrets is keeping an Oriental Trading Company calendar in my craft room so that I will know when National Ducky Day or Rainbow Day falls so that I can do something to commemorate them…..usually this involves the cricut, my stove, and some sort of theme music.

One holiday that I do not get all gun-ho and overboard about is Mother’s Day. Please do not misunderstand me though. I am in no way saying that my family does not celebrate it, or that they don’t make me feel special every year on this day, because believe me, they do! I guess its just that on this day I can’t really plan on anything for someone else (mom and mother-in-law excluded of course).

Like most of you, there is probably a
100 to 1 ratio of pictures of everyone else in your family to you. Why? Because we are the archive and celebration keepers. As a mom, it is in your nature to make those around you happy. As a mom, you tend not to think about yourself much.

Saying all that, just as I was headed out the door this morning I see a Fed Ex guy coming up our stairs to the front door. I sign for the package, and inside the box there is a tag that reads:

And inside the box are three smaller boxes. Each containing a small orchid in a small clay pot. They are beautiful, delicate, pink and perfect. And there are three of them, one for each one of my children.

When I called Joe to tell him thank you, he told me "Happy early Mother's Day deserve a whole week of surprises". I feel so blessed to have a wonderful man in my life like Joe who always puts my well-being and happiness above his. I am so used to doing this myself, that these acts of kindness of his always mean the world to me.


  1. Hi - thanks for coming by my blog, commenting, and following. I'm following you back.

    I've got several orchids in full bloom now - the blooms last a long time. So pretty!

  2. Super, Super cute! :-) I love those orchids! Thanks for the follow... I am now following you back!

  3. Love orchids!!! I've heard they're easy to take care of but since my cilantro just dies...not sure I could do it. :)
    Thanks for stopping by Staying Home and Staying Ssane.

  4. Aw how sweet! What a wonderful hubby!