Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marble & Mason Jar Makeup Solution

OK, so the name doesn't exactly roll of one's tongue, but this has been the best addition to my makeup arsenal in quite some time.

I have sensitive skin. I break out like a maniac if I:
change face wash brands
fail to use a fresh towel to dry my face off after washing at night
get too much sun
use 95% of the makeup brands available at a drugstore

Since I have no plans on not wearing makeup anytime soon I am careful about what I use and take care to make sure that the products I use last as long as possible.

In come the mason jars. I love them. For cakes, presents, and even.......make up brush holders that double as makeup brush cleaners. Again with the awkward name, I know.

I like the look of a mason jar in the bathroom on my vanity to hold my makeup brushes in. It gave the vanity a shabby chic feel, and was cheap :). I placed flat glass stones from the Dollar Tree in the bottom to keep the brushes in place as well as to make them more raised so that I could grab the shorter ones with more ease.

I also found that these stones, or marbles, work wonders in helping to clean the brushes.

Here is what you will need:
  • mason jar or some other jar with a tight fitting lid
  • marbles or other small filler
  • baby wash
  • warm water
Step 1:
Grab your clean mason jar with some marbles/decorative stones in bottom.

Step 2:
Add a squirt of baby wash (same ingredients as many more expensive brush cleaners and gentle on your face and brushes!) and slowly add warm water.

Step 3:
Insert brushes and secure lid. Gently shake to agitate soap with marbles. This will help to loosen the dirt and get your brushes super clean. Repeat a few times.

Step 4:
Pour out soapy water and rinse thoroughly with clean warm water. Gently squeeze excess water from brushes and lay on a clean cloth to dry.
Your brushes will be cleaner than ever with minimal mess and clean up! I do this weekly when I deep clean the bathroom. A few shakes in-between tasks and by the time I am done, so are the brushes.


  1. What a fantastic idea! I'm going to try this.

  2. I have them, but I Keep pencils in one and scissors in the other. I also use them to save change year round. I have old spaghetti bottles saved for that purpose too.
    Jill from the blog hop:)

    1. Me too....the one in the picture is an old salsa jar :)

  3. Girl, I'm about to go and try this now! Good post! A new friend passing through from the blog hop :)

  4. Great tips!!! I shall have to try it. Here via the Restless blog hop by the way .

  5. awesome post and I so needed this. Following via The Young and Restless hop

  6. Very clever idea! I wonder if this would work with paint brushes?

  7. It does! For best results I would add hot vinegar instead of the baby wash, this works wonders for loosening up tough paint :)