Monday, November 7, 2011

Easy & Cheap Fall Decor

Easy and Cheap Fall Vase from Dollar Store Items

I love fall. Especially Halloween. Mostly for decorating reasons. I think that witch doormats and spiderweb encases porches make just about anyone feel like a kid again. 

But, when a holiday is over I want the decorations down ASAP. The day after the kids and I went out and pulled up all the tombstones, took down the spiderwebs and lights, and went around the house tucking all of our Halloween decorations away until next year. 

As soon as Joe came home from work, much to his excitement I could tell, he went to the attic and brought down the fall tote. We opened it and proceeded to take out five things. Yep, 5. Some wooden leaves for the front porch, a wreath, a cornucopia, and a scarecrow votive holder. That was it. "This can't be all", I told him. His look back assured me that it was. 

I was SURE that we had more. I debated putting some of the Halloween stuff back out like the plug in pumpkins, but decided that it would drive me crazy if I did. A trip to Dollar Tree was in order I decided. 

The next day Claire, Joseph, and I were on the hunt. But, as it was November 2nd, all of the fall decor had already been put away, and the only things out were related to Christmas. Ugh!!! 

In the clearance isle I spotted some paper leaf doilies. I decided that I HAD to buy something, so I took them home and decided to tape them to our windows like falling leaves. Then I decided that it would look pretty to Mod Podge them onto a large vase I had been saving. It turned out great, I think. We have been putting pumpkin scented candles in it and lighting it at night, it adds a nice "fall-ish" glow to the room, and is perfect to keep up until Christmas decorating time. 

Here is the how-to:

Things you will need:
-mod Podge and foam brush

-paper leaf doilies (or dried real leaves)

-clear acrylic spray


-razor blade or exact-o knife


First off, grab a vase or large jar that can fit the leaves you have chosen. I went for a large mouthed tall skinny vase, but any jar would do as well. You will want to liberally coat your foam brush and coat the vase 1/2 of the way up with a thick layer of mod podge. I experimented with going all of the way up, but found that half way yielded the best results. 

After you have coated the jar, begin to layer your leaves in a pattern that you like. Be sure to be careful is using paper leaves as they will tear easy. Carefully smooth them down as you place them as to limit air bubbles. 

Carefully place a layer of mod podge over each leave as you place them, making sure that all surfaces of the leaves are covered.
After all of the leaves are placed and covered, allow your vase to dry. I turned mine upside down to help protect the finish.
As soon as your vase is dry, seal the leaves by spraying a clear acrylic spray all over them. Be careful to only spray the area where there are leaves. Let dry again.

Next, take your razor blade or exact-o knife and cut along the perimeter of the leaves. The mod podge will come off quite easily, almost like a thin layer of dried glue on skin. Carefully peel off the excess and clean up any unwanted blemished on your glass.

Finally, grab a candle, light it and enjoy your masterpiece!! 

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  1. LOL!! Thanks.. I bought these doilies too and have been wondering what to do with them.